CannyTrack- Productivity Monitoring & Data Loss Prevention

We bring visibility in remote workforce management

Productivity Monitoring

Activity Tracking Productivity Goals Measurement

Employee Insights

Employee Work Pattern Internet & App Usage Employee Engagement

Data breach mitigation

Digital Asset Access Tracking(Upload/Download) Critical Action Alert


Activity Tracker


  Consent based tracking


  Only Keystrokes are logged


  Mouse activity tracking


  Real time status on who is tracking the activity and who is not


  Compare employee’s productivity based on their roles

Random Screenshots


  Optional screenshots


  Flexibility to configure the frequency of screen capture


  Blurred screenshots for sensitive data


  Encrypted in transit and at store


  Dashboard to view the screens for each employees

Offline Data Sync


  Time tracker stores the activity locally until the user is back online


  Data is preserved with at most integrity to avoid manipulation


  Beneficial when there are internet connectivity outages.

Stealth Mode


  User activity tracking in invisible mode


  Centralised deployment via Active Directory


  No user intervention


  Always On Monitoring

App and URL Tracker


  App usage tracked by application title and time spent


  URL usage tracked with long URLs, Page title and time spent


  Top app usage by day are summarised for license optimization


  Top domain usage reported by user and team


  Business can classify productive and unproductive apps and URLs

Data Loss Prevention


  Digital asset movements are tracked for user actions


  Critical alerts are presented to management for risky actions


 Proactive monitoring mode assists in identifying the inappropriate action




  Top apps and URLs used over a week


  Highly efficient team members on a day


  Overall activity goals metrics for the team & individual


  Top five apps and URLs on a specific day.

Report Options


  Employee Monitoring Reports covers user activity, app usage, URL    usage and attendance.


 Productivity report covers the high and low productivity metrics,   unproductive apps and URLs over a month.


  Asset reports for the monitored assets


Activity Analytics


  Detailed report and charts on actual time versus the productive time


  Consolidated reports can be exported for individual user and also for a   team.


  Overall activity goals metrics for the team & individual


  Top five apps and URLs on a specific day.

Workforce Analytics


 Workforce analytics is the art of analyzing employee related data   applying an advance set of tools and metrics.


 Utilization metrics help businesses to understand the burn rate of  employees based on the active time on the system. You can  differentiate the underutilized and overworked workforce within the   same cohort.


  Admin can switch to different work schedules and assess the burn rate   within each employees.


 Understanding the individual workload and their efficiency on the   computer and software can be reviewed in the workforce analytics.


Daily Insights


  Admins, Managers & Individuals can get the daily insight over the    email with daily productivity report.


 Admins and managers can review the overall efficiency of the   organization and the team respectively


  Usage of top applications and URLs by the team are highlighted to    admins and managers for further drill-down view in the web portal


  Top five apps and URLs on a specific day.

How Does it Works?



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