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Paperless Office Solutions by CannyDocs

The solution uses out-of-the-box capabilities of the document management software. Most companies today have some form of document scanners, stand alone or networked.

CannyDocs for Eliminating Boxes of Paper and Increasing Storage

CannyDocs document management software offered a total solution for document scanning, storage, and easy retrieval of files.

Document Management Solutions to manage entire organisation process

CannyMinds Technology’s document management system is primarily based on robust and flexible automated workflow-driven solutions. The solution allows users to acquire approvals on documents as per their process’ requirements.

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Product – CannyHR – Hire to Retire HR Payroll Management Software

A payroll consists of a list of the employees who are assigned for work in a company. The list enrolls the employees who attain the wages for their contribution as for the benefit of the company. A company only sustains, if its employees enjoys wages for their hard work there.

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Product – CannyEdu – Virtual Classroom

In the current pandemic scenario, all the educational institutions are closed for more than one year. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for all educational institutions to continue classes for students at all levels starting from the primary to college levels.

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