The world has become a techsavy in booming IT world. Transforming your documents into digital version will not just free up your office space but it can also help you to gain access easily to your documents saving search time.

CannyScan helps you to collect, retrieve, scan your documents in a seamlessly easy way. We help you converting your documents into digital formats that can be saved and protected for a lifetime. Any kind of documents like audio, texts, vidoes, image, business cards, books etc., can be digitized and converted into required format .Our process of digitization is as follows:

Key Benefits

We provide countless benefits to our customers. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Can be easily stored,accessed and preserved
  • Can search easily in short span of time
  • Data can be securely encrypted
  • Compatible to all sort of digital gadgets
  • Can be shared flexibly
  • Can be quickly retrived and updated.

We digitize the following documents:

Paper Documents
We scan documents of any type or size. We have the capacity and experience to convert large projects timely and efficiently
Large Formats
We have the capacity of scanning all type of large size documents starting from A3 to A0 Size. Example: Plans, Blueprints, Maps & Drawings
Micro Films
Our Micro Film scanners have the capacity of capturing good quality images from Films. Mostly Manufacturing companies engineering drawings are stored in Micro films. We help them to retrieve those images from the film and will get stored in Digital media
We specialize in digitizing all types of books including text books, notebooks, manuals, historical texts, ledgers etc
Photos and Albums
Our over head scanners are having capability to scan Photos, Albums and negatives. It will capture high quality images from the item and will store in digital media for easy retrievals
Technical Manuals
We are experts in converting technical manuals, documents, binders and folders in electronic accessible formats.
Aperture Cards
We have the capability to scan 35mm aperture cards and our specialized scanners will scan these cards with high quality images
Onsite Scanning
We will setup our Digitization team at your premises with systems and high end scanners to scan your confidential documents.
Cloud Hosting
Our EDMS system will help in hosting all the scanned images and will be made available for easy retrieval
All Size Documents
Our Scanners has the capability to scan all type of Documents