A Message from CannyMinds CTO

Dear Clients, Partners, and Associates


Our code of business ethics is built around Corporate Governance by “people & principles” through well defined roles, and empowering people to perform as Responsible Corporate Citizens.

The pace of change in information technology is rapid, and even more far reaching change may be on the way. We realize the importance of meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations for comprehensive IT services; from whole technology life cycles. Every plan we make, every action we implement, is driven by the desire for quality and is keenly focused on the following pivotal tenets:

  1. Providing outstanding technological solutions;
  2. Providing a rewarding place for our employees to work;
  3. Being good financial stewards;
  4. Building a strong relationship with our valuable customers.
  5. Sharing experiences with our valuable customers.
  6. Provide good quality end to end software, web, networks and hardware solutions.

A vital component in our quest for quality is the constant investment in our people, facilities, and technologies. We continue to focus on having market leading facilities, which is essential to our purpose to provide the highest standard of quality care that we are proud to deliver to our employees and customers.  We are building one of the most sophisticated and the most up-to-date software solution for small, medium and enterprise Organisation.

We are proud of our ability to adapt in a way that benefits our customers and look forward to more of the same.

Christopher Arulanand
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)