Integrated Warehouse Management Software-CannyWMS

CannyWMS – Warehouse Management System

  • Enhancing Productivity of your Warehouse Operations
  • Integrated Warehouse Solution through CannyWMS

CannyWMS Overview

CannyWMS has been designed with a view to bring the concept of a centralized warehouse system, to take care of the company’s day-to-day warehouse operations. Warehouse management transforms a typical warehouse operation into a totally connected logistics and fulfils the business. Our warehouse management software allows you to take customers orders, process them in real-time with voice directed operations and automates shipping. CannyWMS is an unified Supply Chain Management Software incorporating a real-time Warehouse Management Software System. Using our logistics software you can increase your efficiency and expand your business.

Web Enabled Canny Warehouse Management System

CannyWMS Application is a WEB Based application which can be accessed inside & outside the warehouse. CannyWMS provides the ability to monitor and control the physical location of goods within the warehouse. Complete track on each product is kept against a transaction. CannyWMS can be mapped with operation and business specific SOP’s and also it is very much user-friendly.

CannyWMS gives global visibility of reports based on the user rights. The database will get synchronized with the global database, based on a predefined interval for global visibility. CannyWMS System is customized by our team with respect to different Warehouse Infrastructure and Customer requirements.

Modules in CannyWMS

Purchase Order Management

Inventory Management

Order Forecasting

3PL Billing

Intelligent PUTAWAY / PICK

Invoice Generation

Interface Bridge

Online Tracking

Standard Reports

TAX / Discount Modules

Freight Module

Freight Intergration

Auto Email & SMS Alert

Storage Location Mapping

Online Tracking

Value Add Services

Cycle Count

Equipment Management

Inbound Process Flow

Outbound Process Flow

Operation Benefits & Advantages

  • Provides visibility to the measurement of the performance of various activities in a Warehouse against set SLAs.
  • Facilitates Inventory Planning based on Re-Order level
  • Supports activity based billing
  • Live Dashboard facilitates easy monitoring of inventory levels and pending tasks.
  • Manage Intra/inter branch Operations effectively.
  • Improve Employee performance
  • Better monitoring and visibility of operations, e.g. track and trace, unbilled.
  • More accurate and real-time reports on profitability, customer service levels and vendor KPIs resulting in better management decisions.
  • Reduction of errors due to manual checking during preparation of bills.
  • Optimum Utilization of warehouse space.
  • Receipt of returned material from own branches / dealers / customers (RLC)
  • Rotation Rules based on expiry date/manufacturing date etc. ( FIFO/LIFO etc)
  • POD tracking

Key Features

Palletizing based on Best Fit

Auto driven PUTAWAY

Auto PICKING based on FIFO logic


Cycle Count

Barcode Printing / Reading

RFID Tracking for Pallets

Interface option with

All ERP Applications



Shipment Tracking

Bulk Upload Option (Serial / IMI)

Invoice / STN / DC Note

Inventory Move

Inventory Adjustment

ASN – Advance Shipment Note from customers

Barcode Reading

  • SKU/Item Codes
  • Storage Locations
  • DOCK / Staging Areas
  • Equipment Id’s

Barcode / QR Print

  • SKU/Item Codes
  • Order Number
  • Qty
  • MRP

Supported Equipment's



HPT (Handel Pallet Truck)

VNA Reach Trucks

VNA Order Pickers


Areas / Zones Automated

Dock Areas

Staging Areas

Vertical Racks

Floor Storage

Shelving Area

Packing Zone

Floor Storage

Floor Storage

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