Recruit the right talent for the right job and experience an easy-breezy onboarding process.

Behind every productive workforce is a relaxed HR, backed by a powerful Human Resource Management Software like CannyHR.

As the World's First DLT-Blockchain Technology based HR Management software, CannyHR helps you exceed your organization's expectations. And more importantly, it makes your job easy-peasy

Why CannyHR?

Am I taking the right decision by choosing CannyHR?

Moving your data to cloud or switching to another HRMS is a big decision and we know your head will be full of questions. We have tried our best to answer a few.

Is this the right time to start using CannyHR?

Do you find yourself spending too much time duplicating data that are on Separate mediums? Are the requests and approvals very time-consuming ? Do you feel overwhelmed by your day-in and day-out HR tasks? If you answered ‘yes’ for at least one of the above questions, then this is the right time to start managing HR tasks using CannyHR, Not only our platform saves you a lot of time, but it also seamlessly integrates with a number of third-party apps to make your job easy and quick.

Our organization norms are pretty different. How is CannyHR suitable for us?

Every organization is different. You may prefer to use media or apps that suit your industry and workforce which may not necessarily be used by other organizations in a different industry. We understand the diverse fabrics of every industry and that's hy we provide a number of customizations and integrations to make CannyHR an organic fit to your business.

How many employees can I add in CannyHR?

You can have 1-1000 employees on our platform. You can also define a hierarchy, map approvals, enable self-service for employees and do a lot more.

No, Spreadsheets can't do them all

Are you still trying to figure out a way to fit all your workforce data into Spreadsheets and expect that to boost productivity? Managing your workforce using Spreadsheets will only pull you down, hamper your productivity, and give you only a unidirectional view on your workforce, especially if your organization has more than 10 members. Get a 360-degree report and manage your employees more effectively with CannyHR intuitive functionalities.

Great softwares are the customizable ones

Every organization is different. We believe that a Human Resource Management Software must align with the organization's HR objective and not the other way round.

And that's why we help you in completely customizing CannyHR based on your needs.

How can CannyHR help in Government Taxation and Compliance?

As of now, CannyHR supports all Taxation and Compliance norms of India. Statutory norms like ESI, EPF, Gratuity and Labour Welfare Fund can be easily managed on our platform. Moreover, CannyHR supports Tax exemptions, Tax rebates, HRA declarations and Forms such as 16, 24Q, 12BA which can be auto-generated from the software. These taxations can be customized according to your country norms

Can I count on you to support me?

Whether it's a small doubt in using the software or a big support issue, we will hold on to you 24/7. You may be working for days together preparing payroll or take up the task on the previous night. Whatever your working style is, our support team will help you complete the process smoothly to the delight of your employees and themanagement.

How can I convince my management to sign-up for CannyHR?

CannyHR not only saves you 12 hours every week, but it also helps in the overall organizational development. Our ideal customers were able to achieve a 73% increase in work efficiency after using CannyHR. Moreover, our platform equips you
with valuable real-time data. Using the advanced Al and ML algorithms, CannyHR generates handy stats and analysis that will help your organization become data-driven and make informed decisions. Put across these facts-backed-by-numbers to your boss to get them thinking.

Have all the data at your fingertips?

The more data-driven the world becomes, the more it expects you to become data-informed. Imagine pulling out all the stats you need about your workforce from anywhere.

That's what CannyHR APP offers you - a handy, light and simple Mobile App to let you monitor and assist your employees who are working remotely.


Ultimate Workforce Efficiency Hacker

Behind every productive workforce is a relaxed HR, backed by a powerful Human Resource
Management Software like CannyHR.

As the World's First DLT-Blockchain Technology based HR Management software, CannyHR helps
you exceed your organization's expectations. And more importantly, it makes your job easy-peasy.


What CannyHR can do for you?

Everything you need to build a better, happier and more efficient workforce

From Hire to Retire, We’ve got you covered


Hiring made easy and efficient

With CannyHR, achieve 10X more productivity and efficiency by managing all data related to Recruitment at one place. Keep track of the complete life cycle of candidates, right from identifying to hiring. Record the results and efficiency of all the recruitment campaigns.

CannyHR also allows you to manage candidates' details like contact information, personal details, resume and cover letter on a centralized database. Keep them informed of their application status by sending automated messages.

Automate with Document Template Engine

With CannyHR, send Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Confirmation Letter and more through preset templates. Easily personalize the templates by choosing the Employee's name and an appropriate Digital Signature.

Automate repeated tasks with Document Template Engine and focus more on the work that really matters.

Streamline hiring with Workflow Engine

Simplify the Recruitment process by streamlining it entirely using CannyHR's Workflow Engine. Define the Recruitment Process Workflow, set rules and qualifying yardsticks for each stage and assign them to the right Manager.

CannyHR notifies the Managers of their tasks and will transform hiring into a collaborative and efficient process.

Verify effortlessly with VerifyMate

CannyHR offers World's First Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) - Blockchain based Digital Resume Respository. Now manage and maintain all your employee's job history and related documents at one place.

VerifyMate is designed, keeping in mind both the Employees and Employers. Candidates can upload their latest resume and other important
certificates/supporting documents on VerifyMate and keep them secured with a 4-digit PIN. Employers can Request Access to view Candidates' profiles, manage all the details at one place and even import bulk data easily.


Provide an engaging onboarding Experience

Give a digital onboarding experience to your new hires with minimum intervention from HR. From start to finish, role out an effortless onboarding process by delegating much of the access to your new hires

Make your employee's first day memorable and productive with CannyHR's paperless onboarding feature. Say goodbye to messy writing and paper piles

CannyHR provides a seamless and smooth Self-Onboarding experience to new joiners by allowing them to upload Personal Information, Identity proofs, Payslips from the previous employer and other documents.

You can easily validate the information online, without having to resort to paperwork or manual documentation.

Payroll needn't be complicated any more

Streamline the complete payroll process with the simple, effective and user-friendly features of CannyHR. Payroll is a complicated process that involves the precise calculation of working hours, leaves, commissions and allowances which might overwhelm you and drain your energy. With CannyHR, simplify and manage all payroll related tasks effortlessly on a single, intuitive platform.

Set Salary Definition

Define the salary structure of employees based on their designation.

Handle Loans

Process loans easily and manage credit score rating with CannyHR powerful features.

Process Advance Salary

CannyHR provides you with complete flexibility to process salary in advance and keep track of the same.

Settle Commissions

Track productivity and calculate commissions automatically without glitches.

Manage Allowances

Modify, add or remove allowances without any hassles.

Calculate bonus

Payout bonuses based on auto-generated reports that comply with departments and corporate coverage.

Make Full and Final Settlement

Carry out a smooth final settlement process by effortlessly calculating unpaid salary, leave encashments and other earnings/deductions using CannyHR.

Generate Salary Payslip

Automatically generate payslips with precise split-ups that will save you time.

Get Salary Payment done easily

Calculating CTC and going through the process of paying employees every month may take a gradual but heavy toll on you. CannyHR gives you flexible and numerous options to escape this drudgery.

One Click Salary Payment

CannyHR comes integrated with ICICI Banking services, using which salary can be easily credited without getting redirected to the ICICI portal

Supports Multiple Formats

Convert payroll data into different formats required by any bank, using CannyHR inbuilt functionality

Attendance & Shifts:

Track and monitor productivity accurately

Managing and tracking attendance may become cumbersome, especially if your organization has a Field Sales department. CannyHR comes with a number of useful features to make attendance tracking a cakewalk.

Integrate with Biometric Devices

CannyHR can be integrated with 350+ Biometric Devices-both new and existing to track check in and check out time easily

Exclude/include break times

Configure break times and exclude or include them while calculating your employees' working hours,based on your organization's norms

Access an intuitive Timesheet

Get a holistic report of your employee's timesheets and the project they're working in.Track break hours and overtime working hours with ease.

Check in/Check out from the mobile device

Easily track the working hours of remote employees along with location details

Manage Permissions and Delay times

Set and keep track of the maximum number of permissions and maximum hours of delay permitted for employees in a month.

Create optimal rosters. No confusions. No stress.

Scheduling shifts may seem like the most complicated process. Coordinating with all the employees, taking account of their leaves and preferences to organize shifts not only consumes a lot of your time but a lot of your energy too. Shew your worries off as CannyHR lets you plan optimal rosters to enable maximum productivity.

Define Shift Types

Customize any type of shift by defining the maximum and minimum number of employees in every shift

Group employees

Map employees to any number of groups and schedule group shifts. CannyHR will automatically notify employees once they're assigned a shift

Manage night shifts easily

Enable, track and limit the number of employees in night shifts

Tax & Expenses:

Managing Taxation and Compliance has never been this easy

Taxation and Compliance policies may be complicated, but CannyHR makes it easy for you. CannyHR comes with simple yet comprehensive features to manage and maintain all statutory and compliance norms.

Define Tax Slabs

Easily define Tax slabs for every employee and effortlessly manage Tax Rebates

Manage Reimbursement

Manage reimbursements and process them in just a matter of seconds.

Auto Generate Forms

Easily track the working hours of remote employees along with location details

Manage Statutory

Employee State Insurance(ESI), Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Gratuity and Labour Walfare Fundare automatically calculated and relavant reports can be auto-generated

Sit back and simplify the Expense Management process

Applying for Reimbursement,tracking them, validating proofs and finally approving the expenses may become a cumbersome task, as it involves a lot of paperwork and follow-ups. With CannyHR powered by Machine Learning,upload,apply and approve expense in a few-clicks

Upload Expense Receipts

Employees can capture Expense receipts and apply for Reimbursements by uploading them on CannyHR,through mobile or web app

Approve Reimbursements

Validate the receipt and send them to the managers for approval in just a click.Once approved,the Reimbursement will be automatically added to the payroll

Connected Banking:

Process salaries in lesser time than coffee breaks

Transfer salaries in just a click without switching between payroll software and banking services.

One Click Salary Payment

CannyHR has partnered with ICICI Bank, India's largest and most preferred private bank for an integrated salary platform - the CannyHR PayOut. Get a seamless payroll experience, improve work efficiency and stay relaxed.


What makes CannyHR PayOut more relaxing than holidays?

1: Instant salary credits through IMPS, NEFT, RTGs, etc.

2: Full compliance with the latest regulations.

3: Validate the authenticity of the Administrator through OTP, every time the payment is processed.

4: Enable role-based access to ensure only relevant people have access to connected banking.

5: Assured confidentiality of salary information. Zero data leakage.

6: Eliminate Data Manipulation and Payroll Errors.

7: Easily track real-time payment status.

8: Automatically fetch transaction details from Auto-Reconciliation

Wait, the benefits aren't over yet

With CannyHR PayOut, ICICI Bank offers you

Insta OD

Get Instant OD Sanctions from CannyHR within seconds with zero paperwork.

Zero Cost

NEFT and RIGS come at zero transaction cost.

Instant Transfer

Payments are credited right away when using CannyHR PayOut.


Give your employees the tools they will love to use

Entrusting control in the hands of your employees not only motivates them but it will also save you time. Making the workplace engaging and your employees empowered has many fruitful benefits such as streamlined communication, increased efficiency and faster turnaround time.

Employee Self Service

Employees can easily access and update their Personal Information, apply for Leaves, check the Leave Approval status, plan future leaves and view the Payment and Payslip summaries.

Manager Self Service

Managers can Approve Leave requests, view Employee Performance Analytics, forecast Leaves and access Organizational Flowchart.

Manage Complaints

Keep track of all the grievances of your employees at one place and track their status easily.

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