School, College and University Management Made Easy

CannyEdu is a comprehensice online solution for efficient and simplified management for school and colleges

In today's world, which is in total control of technology administration and management of orgranizatoins particularly educational institutions has become tiresome and intricate task. It requires, careful planning, systematic approach and accurate control of administrative process to attract the best students, produce best results and project the best image.

CannyEdu is extremely efficient, systematic, comprehensive and sophisticated yet user-friendly automated digital environment for education industry.

It empowers you to:

  1. Record Application Distribution
  2. Manage Student Information efficiently
  3. Record Student Billing and Payments
  4. Automatically maintain grades
  5. CCE enabled for CBSE institutions
  6. Analyse the performance of a class as a whole and school
  7. Trace Student Attendance
  8. Smartly manage timetable.
  9. Effectively manage various resources.

Benfits of CannyEdu

Easiest ERP to learn and Use:

Learning to use CannyEdu is just as easy as learning as internet browser. cannyEdu uses familiar point-and-click interface of today's Web browsers to bring your data to your desktop. Navigation is clear and consistent, enabling all users to come throughout the system witout retraining

Live Support

A 24/7 dedicated support team assists customers with their technical questions or issues.

Secure Data:

Builiding a database is hardwork. CannyEdu secures it. CannyEdu employs full data audit trails and role-based security allowing users to manage access with a high degree of granularity - by record, by course, by student and by object. Additionally, CannyEdu uses secure socket layer-SSL for communications and encryption.

Empowers IT department

CannyEdu runs on standard hardware and require no client maintenance, enabling your technolog staff to spend time building the institution's stategic capabilities, not troubleshooting desktop client software. CannyEdu minimizes network traffic because by design data and data processing reside on the server. This architecture enables rapid deployment of system updates, easy hardware upgrades and better infrastructure use that frees up resources.

Works across Platforms

Designed as a browser independent resource for communication and interaction. CannyEdu enable students, teachers, administrators, alumni and parents to access live up -to-date information and services 24/7 without any interruption.



Scalability is highly important for any systems. CannyEdu is capable of growing with the school, both in terms of slow managed growth and sudden change. CannyEdu has been designed from the beginning to scale from a single server machine running all the components up to a system involving clustered components and distributed access from a worldwide basis.


Security is also highly important for any systems. The disadvantage of makig it easy to find school information is that it also makes it easy for this information to fall into the wrong hands. Defined security lines are implemented right from the beginning of CannyEdu. It has the concept of user permissions. Passwords are stored in the database using a standard encryption algorithm.


Scalability also requires reliability. CannyEdu is capable of dealing graceful with errors, not stopping at the first sign of trouble. Additionally, it is easy to separately monitor the presence and performance of each component of the system, in order that support staff can identify and deal with any errors or overload that does occur.

Our Modules

Class Setup and Management

Allows entering all basic information of class and sections of the institution so that software is synchornized to the present structure of your school

Student Fee Setup and Management

Allows creating and entering all basic information of the school fees so that software gets synchornized present fee structure

Student Admission Module

This module simplifies admission procedure of the school and helps to admit a student directly in school without filling enquiry form. It is quick and easy to use

HR/PayRoll Management

Manage staff grade levels and steps, Basic salaries, Allowances, Deductions, Taxes, Promotions, Leave, Monthly Payroll, Payslips, Payment schedules and more.

Fees Management

Helps the office staff in managing monthly/termly school fee and quickly generate receipts. It keeps track of fee details and daily collection along with the dues and fines applicable.

Subject Setup and Management

Enter all required basic information of subjects in school so that software easily gets synchornized to your present subject structure of the school.

HR & Payroll Management

It gives comprehensive reports related to salary, leave, increments, arrear, DA, PF & Form 16. It also gives a dynamic formula builder to customize salary structure as per school's need.

Attendance Managemet

Tedious task of student daily attendance can be done easily with the help of CannyEdu. Attendance data is auto calculated by the software and can be shared easily with parents. Auto alets for the regular absentees encourage them to be regular in school. Beautiful graphs are used to display attendance information for better understanding.

Timetable Management

This module is a well-organized class management system. It is an effective solution to the problem of adjusting timetables in simple way. Timetable module checks the class duration, faculty availability and voids conflicts in timings.

Inbuilt Webinar

With inbuilt webinar module, your teachers can take extra classes online giving flexibility to teachers, students and parents. Students can attend the webinar sessions from their home which helps in reducing the travel time from Home to School and School to Home.

Mobile App

Customized Android and iOS mobile apps in the School's name, logo and address. Mobile Apps for Students and Parents. The apps are 100% secure as no phone numbers are shared either its of Parents or Teachers. It also helps Parents in tracking attendance and performance of their child in real time in order to better manage a student's progress.

Online Admission Management

Admission Applications Forms can be sold online, completed and submitted online, and the received applications can be further proceed accordingly.

Financial Bookkeeping and Reports

Received fees are auto-recorded. Easily update other daily income and expenditures. Monitor and generate financial reports accurately anytime.

User Information System

Store. Update and Manage records of all students, staff and parents electronically. Search and Retrieve any needed date with just a few clicks anytime and anywhere

Academics/ Exams Management

Manage School's Academic Sessions/Years, Terms, Termly examinations and their scheduling special and external examinations. These information and details guide a lot in the system and are made properly available to the entire school/University.

Time Tabling

While the school admin is scheduling lessons, the software helps avoid various kinds of schedule clashes. Time table viewing access for Teacher, Student and Parent portals.

Administrator Tools

Easily control and manage the day-to-day running of your school simply from your device, with your school admin account.

Hostel Management

Applying for/Allocating Hostel bed-spaces/Room and managing hostels records can be seamlessly performed online.

Examinations Result Publishing

School Focus offers teachers an easy to use Result Processing tool with Auto Performance Evaluations, Grading and Ranking, Admin Publishers results. Parents and Students can bview published result accordingly.

Online Certificates Printing

Easily print the customized certificates for students and staff for any events and academics based on the existing template as and when required.

Online ID Card Printing

Easily print the customized students and Staff ID Card through this software as and when required

Inventory Management

All school, University assets inventory can be managed through online with in and out tracking system.

Website Pages Contents Management

A website content management Platform to enable the school admin to update the contents. Style and feel of the main school website pages as wished.

Database backup and restore.

An important tool to facilitate regular back-up and securing of all school data in the database, and restoring such backed-up data copy in extreme situations where it is the solution

Media Gallery

A publicly visible media where the school can upload the photos and videos deemed such significant.

Library Management

Maintaining book records, issuing and tracking issued books, checking availability and making borrowing requested by students, all can be done online

Assignments/ Home Works and Note uploads

Teachers can prepare/upload lesson notes and home works for special classes online, which are then readily accessible (from anywhere) to students of such classes and their parents too in their respective portals

Transport Management

Appling for/Allocating school bus slots and managing vehicles records can be seamlessly performed online Add/Manage Routes, Vehicles, Assign vehicles and student Transport Reports can be managed online

Internal Messaging System

School focus fosters active communication between/among users by providing an internal messaging system across the portals for information and communication purpose.

Bulk SMS and Emailing

School Admin can notify all or selected users, and even external contacts of any necessary info through Email and Bulk SMS with the school name as custom sender identity

Electronics Events Calendar

Admin can schedule the timeline for regular and any special school events, notifying all or selected user categories. Calendar of schedule events is always available in account dashboard of the various user portals

Students and Staff Attendance Management

Teachers can mark and keep students daily attendance records electronically, with Parents being auto-notified on their wards absence. Admin can take employees attendance as such too. These records, however old, are always readily available in just clicks.

Bio Metric Based Staff Attendance System

With the aid of Bio metric scanner, employee can clock In and Out daily by simply scanning there fingerprint at the designated computer and the records always synchronized with the school database

Electronic Announcements, News and Notifications

Public & Targeted news and announcements can be published on the school website and across the various portals respectively.

Mobile and Web App

Students, parents and teacher Mobile App give easy information about day to day activity and close monitoring

Parents Portal

Parents can access school portal to view children's information, track and pay fees, keep track of children's performance and other informatoin

Students Portal

Students can access portal to view own profile, fees, view exam reports, keep track performance and access other social information

Teachers Portal

Teachers can manage Class Attendance, Exam, Home Work, Attendance, Leave, Assessment, Grade and Marks etc.

Fees and Management

The fees collection process in school and colleges is a complex procedure as the fee structure for every student and every class is different. By using this module, streamlines the process - making it easier and faster for teachers as well as parents

Online Fees Payments and Tracking

Parents and Students can securely pay fees online. Every transaction attempt is duly captured together with its outcome. Transactions are easily traceable.

Features and Benefits

User interface of the CannyEdu is an experience in itself. All the modules of the ERP are inter-related yet independent to ensure implementation and maintenance of individual module. Few of the salient features common across users are:


You no more need to talk to technology Web Design Company to update your website information. Our unique feature offers you easy editor to update your institution information from any computer


Our portals are simple enough for novice users,yet robust enough for power users. A scalable, standards based platform means you can sstart small and rollout new feature and functionality,as you are ready.


CannyEdu is powered by Google /AWS Cloud platform which provides the ERP a 99.9% uptime.


CannyEdu's functions are designed to be multi-user, allowing you to work simultaneously and independently of others. Modules and portals are completely integrated to unify user data,to eliminate the need for costly multiple systems and to automate administrative tasks.


Our solution brings ERP solution to you at lowered and affordable costs


Adding and customised content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with external applications.


Providing single sign-on access to content on your portal based on role is simple,so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see.


Thanks to its parameter-driven, rule-based architecture,implementing CannyEdu is quick and easy.

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