What is CannyDocs?

CannyDocs is a smart document management solution to organize official documents and facilitate easy retrieval.

CannyDocs is an OS and device independent secure document management solution that can run on any web browser.

Problem Statement

Document Control & Security is at Stake

  • No track of document which are floating in the organization
  • No control over physical documents’ access
  • High chance of misuse of confidential information
  • Lack of Version Control of drawings resulted in Rejections & Production Loss

Recurring losses due to misplaced documents

  • Heavy losses incurred due to misplaced legacy documents
  • Add-on expenses to store physical documents in favorable conditions for longevity

Vital information is difficult to retrieve

  • Vital information is mostly available in the physical form
  • When required, this information needs to be retrieved after scavenging through a pile of documents

Decisions are not process driven

  • Lack of streamlining in processes leadinf to to pitfalls and gaps in operations
  • Multiple approval channels resulting in messy paperwork

Best Features

Robust Search

Search a document by its
name, data entry or content.
Built-in Elasticsearch and
basic OCR engine enables you
to do a full text search

Secured Access

User login with password.
Role-based access and rights.
Controlled access for folders,
document sets, workflows
and metadata

Easy Sharing

E-mail a document as an
attachment to a DMS User or
external recipient or share a
time-bound encrypted link for
document access

Graphical Dashboards

Get statistical information
about document upload,
indexing, workflow status and
all documentrelated activities
on the dashboard.

Encrypted Storage

Upload a bulk of documents
in one go, upload documents
with the easy drag and drop
utility. Auto - encrypt
unauthorized access

Advanced Workflows

Formulate workflows as per
Automatealerts, email
triggers. Make provision for
escalations and deviations to
streamline processes

Document Indexing

Indexing includes document
categorization and data entry.
Document categorization
(metadata) helps to spot a
specific type of documents
while data entry takes a user
to the exact document.

Document Sets

The solution auto - links multiple documents to one record and shows them as a single set or file. Although the physical location on the DMS may be different, documents can be viewed together at one go.

Methods of Implementation


Install CannyDocs in your company premises. Run the application server, database server and the storage server with your IT infrastructure. Take charge of your document management solution.


Host the DMS on the cloud as a SaaS model. Save cost on infrastructure, maintenance, backups, upgrades and deployment. Get going immediately to experience the ease of document storage, access, sharing and security.


Store your documents on a cloud server and run the application in-premises. Ensure the DMS is accessed within premises while the data is stored on cloud. Save internal server space while keeping documents secure.

Version of CannyDocs


Ideal for basic use, the standard version is super good for basic document management and smaller setup. It is the perfect start to document management.


Perfect for bringing document management and workflow management on one platform, Our office version brings documents, approvals and exciting features on board!


Works for complex requirements, automation, and integration, this version is best suited when you need document management plus a lot more!


Seting up Workflow Management System is completely “your business-specific”. All you need to do is define your plan. This 100% customizable workflow management system makes provision for:

  • Document upload
  • Document approval
  • Predefining steps in the workflow
  • Mapping users to each step in the workflow
  • Scenario-based user roles
  • Hierarchy-wise rights management
  • Deviations
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Final Workflow Document Generation
  • Document Storage

Features of Workflow Management System

CannyDocs Workflow Management System is applicable for any organisation that aims to centralize its processes. It offers:

  1. Authorized access to users
  2. Live tracking of workflow activity
  3. Predefining steps in the workflow
  4. Email notifications to prompt users to take up tasks
  5. Automated alerts to keep concerned people informed
  6. Customized dashboards with detailed reports about activities, approvals,  imelines and digressions
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