CannyWms- Warehouse Management


Warehousing is a term that is used to relate the activities which are assigned to conduct prudent storing of particular thing. These activities comprise of from storing and preserving time to consumer’s reach is accounted to warehousing. Warehouse are also called Distribution Centre where allocated materials are then distributed to other sellers and then to the consumers from their final use or consumption. In this way, warehouses are the settings which are assembled to procure manufactured goods with a proper system. Thus, process of storing the goods in systematic manner is known as Warehousing

Here lets us see what CannyMinds offers its client along with complying with the CannyWMS to promote the working of warehousing and encourage its power in the market. CannyWMS has been designed with a view to bring the concept of a centralized warehouse system,to take care of the company’s day to day ware house operations.Features like PO management,Inventory,Order forecasting,3PL billing, ntelligent put away / pick,invoice generation,interface briddge,tax/discount modules,storage location mapping,equipment management,cycle count,freght module & many more..

Additional uses of CannyWMS

Warehouses are the houses to those materials which are not in high demand and thus need to be stored at some specific places for their irregular use. Such materials are called Surplus Commodities which are not required on regular basis can be stored in warehouses. Materials are stored in the warehouse with viewing the need of the market and supplied as per the customers’ demand. The fundamental of its existence is storage of materials.

CannyWMS promotes price stabilization

Warehouses are usually used keeping goods in large quantities. It helps in avoiding the surge in prices as of the differences in demand and supply.

Capacity to bear the risks

It is the sole responsibility of warehouses to maintain the conditions of the goods. The perishable materials are the most vulnerable thus warehouse also offers a great preservation with cold temperature. The main factor of CannyWMS, if a warehousing company somehow gets failed in preserving your materials then they are bound to compensate the losses borne by you.

Provides Grading and Packing facility

Warehouses are also used to facilitate their clients with the accessibility provided in terms of packing, processing and grading of goods. CannyWMS imparts the provision of ‘the warehouse manager works under the instructions made by you’. Warehouses in this order, can prepare the materials to get them delivered.